iPad Stand image with iPad

Docking Station for Type-C iPads

with Wireless Charging, Multiple USB A Expansion Ports, HDMI, Card Reader, and PD Input. Turning your Type-C iPad into a work station in seconds.

iPad Stand functioning as Monitor Expansion with Keyboard and Mice

Connect to large screens via HDMI

Type-C iPads support HDMI expansion. Connect the stand to a large screen. Add a keyboard and mouse, your iPad can replace your laptop or desktop as your one and only computing device.

iPad Stand Line Drawing Showing Connections

Design Concept

A More Convenient Option to Laptop or Desktop

Tablet offers mobility and convenience no Laptop or Desktop computer can offer. With the ever improving functionality and power of the tablet, the time to replace laptop with tablets is here.

iPad Stand image with iPad_Rear View with phone wireless charging

One Device

Multiple Possibilities

PD port: connects to your iPad Adapter for power and charges your iPad.

Wireless Fast Charging Charges your phone or devices that supports wireless charge.

HDMI Port: Connects to large screen or projector for using your iPad like a computer/drawing pad

Card Reader: For backup and memory expansion

Multiple USB A Ports: Connects to various USB input devices such as wired keyboard and mice, USB Drives etc.

iPad Stand Working as a station set

Space Saving

Keeps your iPad Elevated

so you can keep your desk clear for more writing space as well as keeping clutters away. Keeping everything clean and simple.

Metal's Right and Simple is Nice

Made with Aluminium body and an anti-slip magnetic surface. This iPad Stand can be configured as a simple but cutting edge mobile device station.

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