Our Morpheus 360 Sound Ring II Wireless Portable Speakers were built on the Bluetooth platform, allowing our Wireless Speaker with Microphone to communicate as Bluetooth® low energy devices, providing a stronger signal for better stability and improved battery life. Our speakers feature Immersive 360 degree HD Sound - as we designed our Waterproof Wireless Portable Speaker with Dual Active Drivers and Dual Passive Subwoofers, providing balanced Immersive Audio with Deep Bass and clear mid's and high's. 25 Watts Loud, with each active driver delivering 12.5 watts each, positioned optimally on opposite sides of the speaker, creating a natural separation that delivers impressive sound. Our Dual Passive Subwoofers are positioned on the ends of the speaker and are 100% focused on producing Deep Rich Bass. Our Digital Signal Processor ties it all together seamlessly...with an advanced Chipset that provides a wider soundstage with 3D movement as the music passes back and forth to create immersive depth, while our best-in-class drivers deliver pure clean sound. Engineered with a TWS Chipset that allows Dual Pairing, allowing you to connect two speakers together for 360-degree Surround Sound. Our IPX6 Waterproof Wireless Portable Speakers are impervious to rain and are durable making them perfect for the Outdoors, Biking, Hiking, Camping, Climbing or just lounging around the pool or hot tub. Extended 25 Hour Playtime - Designed to last all day on a single charge, our Bluetooth Portable Speakers play on and on, allowing you to connect to multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung, Android, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, PC, Mac, Tablets and Bluetooth enabled TV's.