About Morpheus360

At Morpheus360, we are dedicated to bringing technologies to market at affordable prices. Our management team consists for members with extended experiences in the electronics industry, so we understand that a good company shall be as follow:

To Consumers: We strive to provide high quality products by setting strict quality standards.  Every step of our product development follows an ever improving guideline to minimise error and deficiency.  Our manufacturing chain follows international standards as we set having zero defective as our goal.  We want all of our customers to be our happy customers, because happy customers usually are retuning customers also; who are willing to give us good referrals to the people they know for us to grow.

To Our Clients: Because we have such great quality control procedures in place, our track record shows a very low product return rate and high customer satisfaction rating. Our just in time delivery system has been employed for over 20 years with gradually improvements made anytime a small glitch or chance for better efficiency took place. Four words: consistent (system), reliable (as supplier), dependable (products), and very well likeable (overall as a company).

To Ourselves: As responsible global citizens of the world, we aim to achieve greener and more eco-friendly delivery system.  Leaving as little carbon footprint as possible as we run our business.  By that, we use recyclable materials on our packaging, environmentally friendly ink, use decomposable paper instead of plastics whenever allowed, using all RoHS material on our products etc. are only some of the measures we employ. Because sometimes, the stats that doesn't show on paper is more important than running a business. Morpheus360 wants to make more than just the people who buys our product happy.