Battery And Initial Charge Cycles

Dear Customers,

This applies to the battery(ies) of most mobile electronics devices, please charge the battery(ies) of any newly purchased Morpheus360 product for 2 hours or until the product is fully charged per the Users Manual prior to first use.  Some products might have low level of battery power out of the box, but please do not expect a product to be fully charged.

Morpheus360 complies to IATA regulations when it come to shipping products with built-in battery(ies).  No product containing rechargeable battery(ies) can be more than 50% charged.  Morpheus360 products adhere to the regulations and our products is charged less than 40% as completed products leaving the manufacturing floor.

Terminology: "One Full Cycle" means a battery is used from fully charged to fully discharged, and then fully charged again.

Disclaimer: The battery life claim of "Up To" how many hours is based on when the product is set at minimal power output and consumption.  Battery usage time will be shorten as product is set at higher power output.

Due to characteristics of all rechargeable batteries, all newly purchased products is unlikely to be capable of performing at highest rated battery performance level during the initial charge cycle or first time use.  Typical performance peak of battery is achieved when a battery has been through approximately FOUR FULL CYCLES of charge and discharge.  Same for when a product has been in storage for one month or longer. A product needs to be used for approximately FOUR FULL CYCLES of charge and discharge for the battery to be running normally.

DO NOT Return the product purchased if the initial usage time is not as expected.  Only raise the claim if the product has gone through FOUR FULL CYCLES of charge and discharge.

Warning: DO NOT leave a fully discharged product in storage, or leave a product running and left unattended for days.  This will drastically reduce the battery life of the battery or even permanently damage a battery's ability to hold charge. Users may attempt to revive the battery by running FOUR FULL CYCLES of charge and discharge, but the chances of revival depends on how low the fully discharged battery has been in storage.

On Behalf of the Morpheus360 Staff, have a happy experience with Morpheus360 and return for additional product needs!

The Morpheus360 Engineering Team